Connecticut Shootings

Topics: Teacher, Rifle, Columbine High School massacre Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Connecticut Shootings kill 26…
Connecticut Shootings kill 26…
On December 14th 2012, 20 year old man, Adam Lanza, killed his mother, 20 children and 6 adults in Connecticut with no valid reason. Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza
Lanza shot his mother, Nancy Lanza, in their town of Newtown, north-east of New York City. No one is aware of the reason for her death but she was found in her bed, wearing pyjamas, shot in the head with 4 bullets shot with a rifle. Nancy Lanza

Nancy Lanza
Mrs Lanza appeared to be a gun enthusiast who practised at shooting ranges. Currently, police believe there was no link between the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and the death of Mrs Lanza. Weapons used by Lanza

Weapons used by Lanza
After Lanza killed his mother, he was reported to have stolen several guns of his mother’s including a rifle and two handguns, which he took with him to his old school, Sandy Hook Elementary. It consisted of around 700 students between the age of 5-10. Police believed the rifle was the main weapon used during the shooting although the two handguns were loaded with high-capacity magazines. Lanza was described as dressed in black fatigues with a utility vest with a number of pockets.

Dawn Hochsprung, headteacher

Dawn Hochsprung, headteacher
To get into the school, Lanza shot himself in resulting in the police finding the front windows smashed, by the shootings of Adam, when they arrived. Whilst walking down the school corridors, Lanza shot 2 people, the school physiologist and the school’s head master. Newtown police were notified of shooting at the school over their radios at 09:36. "Caller is indicating she thinks someone's shooting in the building," a police dispatcher said. A school employee ran through the school notifying that there was a gunman in the school. Then she turned the intercom and informed every one of the mayhem that was happening. One young survivor said the gunshots sounded like pots and pans falling to the floor. Once...
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