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Year 11 English—connected texts study

Due date: Week 2 Term 4

|From the Curriculum Statement: | |‘In the connected texts study each student will consider texts in relation to each other, to the context in which they are | |generated, and to the context in which they are read or viewed. This will give students the opportunity to consider themselves| |in relation to the texts from points of view such as gender, class, and culture, by examining what is included in the text and| |what is excluded from the text. | |Students will choose a minimum of two texts that are connected in some way, either by similarity or difference and interpret | |each text individually, drawing out the connections between them. This connection might be in content, theme, style, form, | |context, or purpose. This may be achieved by writing an essay on two novels but could also be achieved by comparing visual | |or aural texts, poems, magazines, or newspaper articles from the same or different social, cultural, or historical contexts. | |Students could include a variety of text types in the texts chosen for connection and use a creative form for their response. | |Oral and electronic modes could be used for the presentation of students’ findings.’ |

|Task: | |Write a response (500-1000 words) or give an oral presentation (3-7 minutes) in which you consider two texts in relation to | |one another. | | | |Choose your two texts according to your areas of interest and your aspirations in this subject (two novels, a novel and a | |film, a novel and a short story, for example). | | | |As well as considering the texts themselves, consider the contexts in which they were generated (eg written just after | |September 11 2001 by a survivor), and the contexts in which they are read or viewed (eg read just after the trial of Schapelle| |Corby). | | | |You must not simply summarise the plot, though some reference to it will be necessary. |

|Models: (choose one) | |Choose an area of connection to focus on in relation to your texts (eg content, theme, characterisation, style, form, context | |or purpose). Plan and write an essay that shows you understand each text and uses your focus to intertwine discussion and | |interpretation of the different ways each author has created their text. (This option is essential for students enrolling in | |English for Year 12.) | | | |Decide what is the best thing to focus on in your texts (eg compare two different characters, analyse the writers’ differing | |bias on the issues). Write...
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