Connect the Team with Vision and Strategy

Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: May 3, 2013
1.1 Explain the Importance of the team having a common sense of purpose that supports the overall vision and strategy of the organization (16 Marks). The Importance of the team having an idea on the vision and strategies is important, in case the team doesn’t have these common sense purpose they will not achieve the organizations achievements. The team is being informed about the organizations visions and mission, the vision is to offer superior real estate and enhance the quality of life. Since our objective is to provide best real estate and quality of life it’s important also to achieve it and not only stating it. However the team should understand the objectives of the organization and in which way they are going forward to. This understanding will lead the team to support the strategies of the company. Hence we have to make sure the team understands and shares the same information. Also to make sure also the value statements are meaningful to all in the daily operations. As aleader we should have to have attractive commitment and energizing the team, creating meaning in the employees, establishing standards of excellence and exceed the status quo. The leader's efforts should be applied to develop the shared vision to inspire employees to make come true. Am in a team in which our main target comes out with the best results of follow ups done. As we have several main roles and each of the team should contribute including myself in align to our strategies and objectives. As a leader I follow up with the team and delegate to the team the task and focus on customer meeting. The team members should recognize the team leader also by reaching with an agreement to accomplish the objectives. A meeting scheduled on a monthly basis to meet the team as to review the plans and put the solutions for the weakness and strengthens.
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