Conjugal Roles in the Household

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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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The Conjugal role of a man and a woman in the house

In this research study I am going to investigate the conjugal roles within the household. I am carrying out this study because I have noticed that the women are doing most of the household tasks in my immediate family. I am curious to find out how other families share household tasks. I intend to find out if household tasks are shared equally between men and women in the house. Based on the information I gathered, I will prove my hypothesis that women are still performing the majority of household tasks and that the division of household tasks is based on gender. Method

I am using a brief questionnaire for this research that will revealed how household tasks are divided between a man and a woman in the house. I am going to hand out the questionnaire to 21 married people aged between 20 and 55 in my church. The questionnaire consisted of the following questions: |Who in your home usually: |  |  |  | |  |A Male |A Female |Both Male & Female| |Prepares the meals |  |  |  | |Does the dishes |  |  |  | |Shops for groceries |  |  |  | |Does the household cleaning |  |  |  | |Makes the beds |  |  |  | |Does the laundry |  |  |  | |Maintains the household budget |  |  |  | |Mows the lawn |  |  |  | |Shovels snow...
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