Coniferous Forest

Topics: Plant, Evergreen, Pine Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Have you ever heard of ‘coniferous forest’? Now, I am going to talk about the interesting facts about the coniferous forest (also called 'taiga' or 'boreal forest'). The coniferous forest is mainly in the northern hemisphere, and some in the southern hemisphere. It is mostly in North America (US), Canada, Europe and Asia. The coniferous forests are usually in cold places. Did you know that the average temperature in the coniferous forest is below freezing? In the coniferous forest, winter and summer are the two main seasons. Spring and autumn are so short that it is hard to know if they exist. Winters are extremely long, freezing and dry. Winter lasts about five to seven months. It snows often, and the average temperature is 14°C. The temperature is -54°C to -1°C in winter. Summers are short, humid, warm and rainy. It is about fifty to one hundred frost-free days. The temperature is -7°C to 21°C, and the average temperature is 10°C (50°F). In the coniferous forest, the average precipitation is 83.8 cm (33 in). There is 300 to 900 mm (40 to 100 cm) of rain per year. The amount of precipitation depends on the forest's place. Some temperate coniferous forest gets 2000 mm of rain per year. In the coniferous forest, it is likely that the precipitation will fall mainly as snow. The soil in the coniferous forest is poor and rocky. This happens because the tree's roots (especially pines') are deeply shallow. So the plants in the coniferous forest adapt to survive in these conditions. This biome is similar to tundra and deciduous forest, but there are some differences. The differences between the coniferous forest and tundra: In the tundra, it is windy like the coniferous forest. In the coniferous forest, it rains and snows. In the tundra, there are about two months of frost-free days. In the coniferous forest, there are about fifty to one hundred frost-free days (as said in the ‘introduction'). The tundra has very less trees than coniferous forest. The coniferous forest...
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