Congdon Murder

Topics: Family, Duluth, Minnesota, Murder Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: May 31, 2012
Murder, mystery, intrigue; these are the words of what you would normally find describing a game of clue, or a gripping, ghastly, ghostly tale found in old thriller movies where the climax is when you find out the butler killed him with a candlestick in the billiards room. The word “scandal” certainly couldn’t apply to our own home state when the closest we come to murder is in a board game or Hollywood setup; but this is where we visit the setting of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. Chester Condon and his family were the names whispered around the words of “scandal” and “money misers.” In this paper, I will tell the tale of the Congdons, and show you where a horror movie or board game comes to our own backyard. Chester Congdon built his elaborate mansion for his family in 1905.When the house was done in 1908, the cost was $865,000. This house has 15 bedrooms, 15 fireplaces, and eight bathrooms; totaling 39 rooms. Chester could afford this big mansion because of his thriving iron mining buisiness (O’Leary). Chester and Clara, his wife, met in college through a math class where Chester worked at and where Clara went to school. He liked that she understood her math lessons each day. On September 29, 1881, Chester and Clara got married in Syracuse, New York. They didn’t have a honeymoon because of the costs. Clara had suffered a severe hearing loss in her early forties and carried a hearing aid and large battery with a microphone around her neck (Kimball 26). One year after the wedding, Clara and Chester had their first child, Walter. By 1898, Clara and Chester had six children; Helena, Marjorie, Elizabeth, Walter, Edward and Robert. Elizabeth was named after Clara’s maternal grandmother (Kimball 20). The family then moved in the mansion in 1903. The family lived at the mansion for about 70 years. All of the children moved out of the mansion, except for Elizabeth. Elizabeth lived in the mansion until she was 83 years old. It was June 26, 1977 Miss Congdon...
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