Confucius Teachings: Pillars in the Nursing Care

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Confucius Teachings: Pillars in the Nursing Care
Sandra Joy T. Dela Vega
Wagner College

“Thus, nurses serve beyond theories… that beyond the dosage of medicine they give, an ounce of humanistic touch must be extended to their patients.” Nurses serve the patient beyond theories. There must be a combination of heart and brain among the health care practitioners, particularly nurses. Caring people is human welfare and human welfare is no joke. It is a profession that requires heart for the lives. To be a nurse is to live in a virtuous life filled with goodness and kindness (Munoz and Luckmann’s 2005). Thus, nurses serve beyond theories. One should have internalized the worth of individuals and the value of life in exercising his/her profession, that beyond the dosage of medicine they give, an ounce of humanistic touch must be extended to their patients.

Confucius Teachings: Pillars in the Nursing Care
Like Plato and Aristotle, Confucius is also remarkable, for he has played an important role in formation of character, behavior and way of living (Eliot 2001; Guo 1995). With his contributions not only in the social and political governance but also in the field of health care made him the man of wisdom whose focal point is REN, humanity, the world claims Confucius as the China’s Gift to the World ‘(The Ottawa Citizen August 16, 2008). Born of a poor family in the state of Lu (now Shantung province) but had acquired education through patience and determination. Though got orphaned at early age, his contributions are really remarkable. He had emphasized harmony, equilibrium and virtues. He provides the world with many theories on moral, ethical and simple human values but never dictates about matters of daily living. Of Confucian Teachings

The nursing value system is still the sources of nurse’s care to their patients. For care has been described by Chao as feeling of dedication to another to the extent that it motivates and energizes action to influence life constructively and positively by intimacy (Tomey A., & Alligood M., 2002 ). Thus intimacy is a drive that is rooted from loyalty. One’s intimate feeling can’t be extended from an individual who is loyal to his/her recipient. A trait that a nurse must carry in his profession. These are stipulated Confucius values. Confucius concepts on values play a vital role in the nursing profession. He emphasized in Confucianism the teachings on Ren, humanity; the JEN, which focuses on benevolence; the humaneness towards others; Xin, honesty and trustworthiness; and Yi, righteousness (Yu- Mei Chao, 1995). Of Humanity

Reality speaks that some nurses pushed to earn the degree, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and worked hard to be Registered Nurses, just to box themselves in their respective countries ( especially from Asian countries ) but to work in first countries for greener pastures. With this, they must be equipped not only with know-how, skills but with nursing values (the most). Nurses must internalize themselves as caring individuals who treat patients as the same rather different from one another, regardless of the nature of disease, age, and color or race. In the way Confucius stressed humanity, which is “to love the people and to love the masses extensively,” one should need to extend his/her care unconditionally for s/he is bound to serve and to care (Lun yu, Confucius, 1997) When the word “masses” is mentioned, it is general, and is not restricted to any class. Thus, ‘masses’ means loving all the people including the poor or the rich, even enemies in service. Confucius has equipped the nurses with his ‘ Confucian ideas on humanity which remain vital at all times for these serve as guiding principles in their everyday lives especially when they are facing transcultural challenges. Of Benevolence

When Oxford Dictionary defines “humane” as idea which is marked by sympathy with and consideration for...
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