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Confucius’ Life

In today’s society family values are much different than what they were several centuries ago. One person who is part responsible for transmitting beliefs and thoughts on family values and the idea that “loving others” should be fundamentals of everyday life was Confucius. Kong Qui or better known as Confucius was an educator and political figure that now everyone was used to. According to historians Confucius was born on 551 BCE; it is believed that Confucius was a strange baby with a big head. Throughout the school years of Confucius he had little to no friends because of the choice of game that were played. Confucius is described as having a very poor family as a child and being forced to take care of livestock. At the time China was ruled by the rich and evil which had China separated with many emperors who controlled the land.

As Confucius continued to grow up he had several noble jobs such as overseeing a granary field which at the time was treated as money. At the age of 19 Confucius married a young woman which no name has been found in any books. It’s believed the marriage was a turbulent one. Confucius did have a son ______ who would later become Confucius’ helper in delivering his teachings to the rest of China. Around the age of 30 Confucius realized his life was not going anywhere, it is believed he separated with his wife and set out to complete his life’s mission.

For Confucius education was a fundamental of life and something that should be learned throughout life, not only for a certain amount of time. At the time social class was very important and in some cases very influential; Confucius did not believe is this idea and saw everyone under the same eye, something that many governments of the time did not agree with. Confucius then started a school which accepted disciples from all social classes. This was the first school of its kind during the time. This led Confucius...
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