Conformity: Differences between Girlchild from Barbie Doll, and Sister from Lost Sister

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Wouldn’t it be easier if people around us accept us for who we are? It would be much easier, but instead we must decide whether to please everyone’s expectation or to rebel against it and try to figure out new ways to find happiness. In some places women don’t have freedom and are limited to do certain things. And some women conform to an unpleasant lifestyle in order to fit in to this society. They would rather live unable to make their own decisions so people won’t criticize them. In other cases some women decide to rebel against their culture and try to find their own path. In certain situations it’s much easier to conform than to rebel. In other cases being beautiful is very important to many people and some are willing to change to conform to everyone else’s perspectives to beauty. Others find themselves comfortable with just the way they are. Some people decide to go into painful plastic surgeries to fit in with the rest of the so-called beautiful people; others rebel against pleasing others and don’t put so much importance to it. They focus on being on what they really are. In “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy and “Lost Sister” by Cathy Song Girlchild and Sister struggle with their decision on whether to rebel or conform to what society expects.

Girlchild from “Barbie Doll” chooses to conform to society’s expectations. Girlchild does not consider herself beautiful because she has large nose and chubby legs. Even though she is described as smart and in good conditions, the people around her only care of how she looks physically. The requirements to be beautiful are so limited and her good features are not one of them. Physically, Girlchild does not believe herself as beautiful. Barbie dolls are the ideal form of beauty, with the perfect body, big eyes, and perfect nose. Girlchild does not carry any features of a Barbie doll but that does not mean she is ugly. Instead of finding her own way of beauty Girlchild decides to fit in. So Girlchild loses weight,...
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