Conformity and People

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Ethen Asuncion
Ms. Morris
Language Arts 2, Period 6
12 November 2012

Conforming to Society?
Losing one’s individuality is most common to individuals who are exposed and influenced by others throughout life. The idea from “The Sociology of Leopard Man” by Logan Feyes discusses how indi viduals are confronted with conformity in order to fit in with society. Conforming is one obstacle that many people face through life. When a person conforms it means that they undergo a change in order to fit in with society. Unlike conformists, non-conformists are the “unusual” part of the world that do not undergo a change within themselves to fit in with the world. These people are often looked down upon and ridiculed by their personal lifestyles. While some people decide not to give in to their personality, I believe that the idea from leopard, the influence of families, and the atmosphere of schools will dictate one’s decision whether to conform or not.

To remain a unique and novel individual within a society that is pressuring uniformity and homogeny is a feat that only the most determined individuals can attain but which is worth of all people’s attention. “The Sociology of Leopard Man” by Logan Feyes asserts that pressure to conform can lead to “self inflicted diseases” like “alcoholism and depression” (5). People become dissatisfied with their life from attempting to cover up their uniqueness because people may perceive this as “weird” in actuality they are destroying exactly what makes them feel satisfied as human beings. Most people, however, are not strong enough mentally to separate themselves from their peers group as much as extreme non-conformists like Leopard Man, a man who lives in seclusion on a remote island. The company of other human beings comforts most people. Instead Feys suggests people to be part time non-conformists by “escaping… from time to time” to reprieve from social pressures. Some people may say that small vacations from peer pressure...
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