Conflicts of the Middle East

Topics: Middle East, Jordan, Saudi Arabia Pages: 3 (1178 words) Published: March 7, 2013
There are many issues between the Middle East and America; many of them dating back to the 1940’s. The main reason America wanted to gain power in the area is to have a steady supply of oil. The desire for oil has a major effect on U.S. foreign policy, which is another problem. The involvement of the U.S. in foreign policy in the Middle East causes unrest, and in some cases, religious militancy, which is a serious problem. The blame for these problems doesn’t lay with just one country or region, but varies depending on the issue. Countries in the Middle East are dependent upon the natural resources in the area. The main source of economy for the Middle East is their abundant oil and natural gas supply(“Natural Resources”). Without these natural resources, the Middle East would be a desolate and nearly lifeless place. Oil is also a reason many large and powerful countries, such as the U.S., are vying for control in the Middle East. Water, which at first thought you wouldn’t associate with the Middle East, is a very important resource, for its scarcity rather than its abundance(“Natural Resources”). Countries in this area fight over waterways, and out up dams to block water from other countries. The people there are very thankful for what water they can get, much unlike the U.S., where people shower daily. The United States came into the Middle East after Britain and France gave up control because American demands for oil grew quickly and the natural supply couldn’t support it(“Natural Resources”). The U.S.’s main reason for taking control after France and Britain left was to gain control of oil rich land. They support regimes in the region to keep stable allies and a steady supply of oil. In the time that France still had control in the Middle East, it created the San-Remo accord, which separated Palestine from the Litani River and many other important water sources(“Water Diplomacy in the Middle East”). This plan was devastating to the people of Palestine,...
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