Conflicts in the Team Environment: How to Overcome These Obstacles

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  • Published : January 18, 2009
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Even though people think conflicts will not arise in their team, it is vital to have conflict resolution strategies in place in order to avoid conflict and maintain a strong level of team communication. When becoming part of a team, obstacles are common, and they can come from outside of the group, as well as from within. There are many different steps that team members must go through in order to avoid conflicts getting out of hand. Teams must have a common goal that they are working toward in order to overcome these obstacles. Conflict resolution is “the ability of the team to discuss and resolve differences” (The University of Phoenix, p. 1). Conflict resolution is therefore when two or more people fail to see eye to eye, this includes the methods used to solve conflicts that may arise based on that fact. Conflicts can often harm a team, and if not handled properly, will most likely lead to larger problems. Problems in a team can start from a number of factors. Some will be brought to the team, and others will occur because of the team. One factor that plays a part in how well a team will get along with one another is personality types. When forming a group it is best to have diverse personalities. Having these unique individuals will create a more cohesive team, this is because when people are able to see things from different viewpoints, they are able to achieve better outcomes. Diverse personality types will react differently to the various situations that might occur. For each of the personality types, there are different methods to approaching conflict. These various methods include: avoidance, accommodation, confrontation or aggressiveness, problem solving, and compromising. There are various levels of aggression to each of these methods (Rathsack, 2006). It is important that individual members of the team are aware of which style is their dominant style. By becoming aware of your particular style, you will be able to communicate better. For example,...
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