Conflicts in the New World

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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The New World was thought to be the answer for struggling Europeans. Hundreds began sailing across the Atlantic in hope to transform their lives. However, when they arrived, the land was already occupied by strangers. These strangers were known as the Native Americans. The Native Americans were courteous to the Europeans but with time, conflicts between the American Indians and Europeans arose and resulted in death and despair. These two forces spent majority of the 1600s with negative tension, especially in the New England and Chesapeake regions. Wars broke out throughout this time period and relationships were put on the line due to measures taken by both sides.

In the New England region, wars stretched out between the Indians and colonist through the 1600s. One of the first significant wars in this area was the Pequot War that took place in 1637. Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth colonies and two Native American tribes formed an alliance and fought against the Pequot tribe. Encounters of the Europeans and Native Americans led to the indigenous people of America fighting against their neighborly tribes. Afterwards, the New England Confederation came into play to provide defense against the Dutch, French, and Native Americans. The confederation fell after defeating King Philips War. The conflict arose and caused additional alliances between Europeans and Native Americans. These two groups cooperated and fought against Metacomet’s tribe and his other allied tribes. This showed that the colonists turned a tribe against one another and breaking a relationship they once had. However, relationships took an even more major down fall when a tribe began massacring in New Amsterdam. Killing by the thousands, the tribe would show no mercy to the Dutch. The Dutch beforehand had murdered the tribe’s women and children. Furious, the tribe sets out to massacre New Amsterdam were Anne Hutchinson happened to settle there with her children after her exile. Relationships were...
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