Conflicts in Families and the Way of Solving Them

Topics: Family, Sibling, SAT Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: October 15, 2012
It is evident that every man has some kind of difficulties in communication with other people. And subconsciously we sift out most of our problems on our nearest and dearest, on the closest people – on our families. These are people we enjoy most – our true and sincere friends, so maybe we sometimes hurt them because only they are able to stand our bad mood? At the same time we realize that other people just don’t care about our problems – they are not interested in our lives. We can see that most conflicts are caused by the unwillingness to sympathize with the members of our family. For example when we return home after an unsuccessful day we act as if we wanted others to share our irritation. At this moment we don’t think that everyone wants to relax after a hard day, although our relatives worked as hard as we did. We concentrate on all the bitterness of ourselves, but the right thing to do is to try to delight the home cosiness with parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. On the other hand we often don’t show particular interest towards the anxiety or happiness of the people around. A family is a single unit so that not only we have a jolly time together, but overcome the pain together. At times the solution can be found only in close unit and we shouldn’t disregard the requests and offences of our friends. I can easily find the key to good attitude towards everyone – to act as I would like others to act towards me. Finally I would like to say: when it is difficult to turn a blind eye on the shortcomings of others try to count your ones. A wise proverb says: accidents will happen in the best regulated families, but we should try our best to avoid them, because the charity begins at home.
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