Conflicts and Frustrations

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* It is the emotional state or condition in which people have to make difficult decisions about two or more competing motives, behaviors or impulses. * Kurt Lewin(was a German-American psychologist, known as one of the modern pioneers of social, organizational, and applied psychology)

* He described two opposite tendencies of conflict: approach and avoidance. When something attracts us, we want to approach it; when something frightens us, we try to avoid it. * For example: Choosing between two equally desirable academic courses, both of which will advance your career plans but which meet at the same schedule . For example:

* desire for good grades vs. attractions of social activities * moral training vs. the pursuit of social activities
* Eating ice cream and chocolates vs. adding more calories * going to a beautiful movie vs. attending a class and others

4 types of conflict
1. Approach- Approach Conflict/
( Conflicting- Attraction)
2. Avoidance- Avoidance Conflict/
(Attraction- Repulsion)
3. Approach- Avoidance Conflict/
( Conflicting- Avoidance)
4. Double Approach-Avoidance

*Approach- Approach Conflict
* Choosing between the best, two or more desirable options. * Example:
- Do I want pepperoni or cheese pizza?
- Which movie do I want to see?
*Avoidance- Avoidance Conflict
* Choosing between two or more undesirable options.
* Example:
- Would I rather be late to school and get a detention, or skip school and get behind in my classes?
- Should I break up with my boyfriend and be alone or stay with him and put up with his cheating and lying? *Approach- Avoidance Conflict
* A choice involving a situation with both good and bad situations. Example:
- Should I course out my teacher, which will make me feel better, but will probably get me suspended?
- Should I go to the scary movie with my friends? It would be fun, but then, I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

*Double Approach-Avoidance
* A choice between alternatives, both of which have good and bad parts. Example:
- Should I major in law?(lots of school, lots of studying, but will make lots of money) or social work(less school, helping people, rewarding but make a lot less money).
- Should I eat pizza?(tastes great but fattening) or salad(“BORING”, but healthy and low calories). Stress (cortez)
* Physical reactions to demands or changes in the environment. * Can result from conflict, frustration and anxiety.
* Can be positive or negative.
Positive stress
* Leads to something desirable.
- job promotion
- new baby
- first date
* It is called eustress – it is good because it keeps us moving towards a goal. Negative/ Bad Stress
* Is overwhelming, block goals or that causes problems.
- being fired from a job
- loss of a family member
- bankruptcy
* It is called distress

What is Frustration?
* It is the emotional state or condition that results when a goal, work, family or personnel is thwarted or blocked. * A process that blocks or hinders us from reaching our goals. * Many things lead to frustration:

* delays
* lack of resources
* losses
* failure
* discrimination
For example:
When an individual believes, he/she cannot achieve a goal, he/she may experience frustration.
People talking while you are trying to take a rest.

Frustration and Human Complexity (cortez)
* The motives that activate and direct behavior do not arise and achieve satisfaction in an orderly or simple manner. * Different motives occur at the same time and new motives continually arise as old ones are satisfied. * Delays of gratification or and even complete lack of gratification are necessary consequences of the very fact that we are complex and multi- motivated...
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