Conflict Theory in the Elderly

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  • Published : November 6, 2012
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Living spiritually and living happy

My interviewee is a woman who is named “Mary”; she has been my neighbor for ten years now. I have become very close to her. Her age is 76 and resides in the beautiful city of La Verne, CA. She is female, oldest of three children who came from the mid-west, Iowa/Minnesota area. She came to California when she was seven years old. She has been happily married to her husband, a recently retired pastor, for 55 years. They have two daughters, and three grandchildren. We decided to talk about her personal health and fitness which she says she is fortunate to be able to still exercise and walk everyday with her husband. Her mental health is remarkable; they are truly interacting with the entire neighborhood and a true believer of socializing with all people. It seems she is a model for the Rowe and Kahn’s Model of Successful Aging. She and husband take exercise seriously; maintain a good health and physical function and most importantly loving life. Next, we talked about the health care system, which she feels is not adequate to help the seniors. Being a pastor’s wife, their church, where he was the pastor, has continuously helped the homeless. Many know how there are older adults stressed with not knowing where their next meal is going to come from, or going to bed with an empty stomach. Some may have a home or a place, but the feeling of waking up to a bare cupboard and spending the day not knowing when they will eat again. This is where the Health Promotion Model comes to show the homeless with help in disease prevention, and their reduced disability in ways of their ADL or IADL limitations. We talked about her leisure/recreation which consists of helping her 77 year old husband with the garden, but has limitations due to her polymyalgia. They enjoy the Koi pond they have in their back yard, which gives them serenity and calmness. The two of them grow vegetables and fruits, which come in handy when they both are making jam from...
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