Conflict Theory

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Conflict Theory:
Past, Present, and Future
Social conflict theory was originated by Karl Marx sometime in the 1800s. There are a couple of reasons that are thought to lead to the inception of the theory. Society earlier on in our time works much like it does now. We have a social class system consisting of the have and have-nots. So because of this it creates a balance of power and conflict or struggle between different social classes. The first idea of why social conflict came into play is the simple fact that citizens of our social classes will not be content with government exploitation. This of course can be understood my many citizens in our society today; especially the lower classes of individuals in society. Which brings me to the next reason as to why social conflict theory is thought to have been created and it seems to make much more sense because the previous reason and this one happen to tie into one another. It supposedly was implemented because the lower class of workers felt demoralized. Being in a society that apparently does not seem to have your best interest at heart, it causes you to think differently about the society. Because of this many of these citizens who are feeling underprivileged are caught in a process that leads them to violent as well as no violent crimes.

The future of the theory is most likely to be a continuous issue. This theory was created many many years ago and we are still exhibiting behaviors in our society today that led to the creation of the theory in the first place. Statistically if you have a system where not everyone in the society feels as though they are getting their fair share of prosperity then this is the kind of theory that is needed. George Vold, suggested : “Approaching an understanding of the social nature of crime as a product of the conflict between groups within the same culture. We as humans are by nature very social. We tend to form bonds and friendships with people who share common...