Conflict: the Crucible and Complete Opposite Manner

Topics: The Crucible, Morality, Religion Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: June 23, 2011
Conflict brings out the best as well as the worst in humanity. In the midst of conflict, the values and beliefs of an individual are reflected in how they handle a difficult situation. Some individuals exhibit acts of great courage and selflessness putting others before themselves and make sacrifices in order to help another fellow human being; however there are others who may act in a complete opposite manner acting egotistically, unaware of others feelings and putting their needs before others. It is those individuals who put others best interests before their own that distinguish themselves from the rest of humanity as courageous and compassionate, essentially bringing out the best characteristics in that individual. As such it is through conflict that the best in humanity can be segregated from the worst. In frightening situations, humans tend to be submissive. During the reign of Hitler in the 1930s, many countries were in fear and as such did little to stop the senseless and monstrous killings of six million Jews. The fear that Hitler installed within the people of Europe caused some to become compliant, some individuals so fearful for their lives that they turned in others who were in hiding. It was from this ruthless dictator that the worst in humanity was exposed, commanding human to kill human on the pure basis of religion and skin colour. Another example is demonstrated in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, when Tituba, Sara Good and Mary Warren lie in order to save themselves from persecution, conforming to Abigail who manipulated the girls into a false sense of security, ultimately only caring about her fate. In fear of being exposed as the one who initiated the whole conflict, the worst was brought out in Abigail which blinded her from realising the pain she was inflicting on others, eventually too caught up in saving herself that the welfare of others around her, including John Proctor became insignificant. In addition to this, it can be debated...
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