Conflict Resolution Strategies

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  • Published : April 7, 2007
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Introduction to Conflict Resolution Strategies

In order to be able to clearly discuss conflict resolution strategies it is first necessary to explain a little about teams and team works; define what conflict is and how it can arise when working within a team environment; and most importantly suggest some strategies to resolve conflict. The easiest way of explaining what a team is, is as follows: a co-operative group of people working together to attain a common goal or set of goals; "a number of persons associated together in work or activity" (Websters, 2006) which on its own can be problematic, as each person brings his or her own skill set into the group; there may be members that have language / speech barriers; may be members that do not pull their weight and meet targets set. All of which can lead to conflict within a team environment. The biggest common feature of a team has to be that of communication. It is one of the few ways to become a team and to have a better understanding of each other; with common objectives and goals. It should define what should and should not be done by all members of a team. Without effective communication conflict may and does arise within the team. So what is conflict? After researching many different legal definitions this is the authors' interpretation of the word conflict taken from Web Site titled Managing Organizational Discord to Your Welfare. "Conflict is usually based upon a difference over goals, objectives, or expectations between individuals or groups" (2005,

Conflict Resolution Strategies: Conflict and causes of
Conflict arises from differences and is inevitable in the team environment. One major advantage a team has over an individual is the variety of skills and knowledge each person brings into a team, however diversity of this nature can cause conflict. However, not all conflict should be considered negative and harmful to a team. Conflict can be very encouraging. It is a way that new...
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