Conflict Resolution in Workplace

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Topic: Conflict resolution in workplace

Interpersonal conflicts often occur in our lives, such spending long times dealing with our parents, friends, partners, seniors, etc. When we have these experiences, we can give them an apology for our mistakes. Because we have a close relationship with them, they usually forgive us or give us one more chance. Conversely, after we enter the workplace, we not only have workplace stressors, but also work overload. Therefore, we cannot use the same attitude to deal with work problems; we must know how to handle conflicts with superiors, subordinates and peers. Broadly speaking, the middle levels of interpersonal conflicts are received as a sign of a healthy and vibrant work culture. If the interpersonal conflicts always happen at the workplace, it would harmful to individual, team and organizational effectiveness. It also causes higher employee turnover. Consequently, contact between the colleague will reduce conflict and hostility, and then improve our relations. Throughout this paper, we will realize more about interrelationships with role stress, emotional exhaustion, job attitude, working smart, job performance, and turnover intentions. Different people use the different ways to resolve the conflicts. As a result, interpersonal conflict is a powerful feature in companies. Therefore, my research paper shows the cause of interpersonal conflicts at the workplace, and then how we handle this problem.

What is Interpersonal Conflicts?
Conflict has been defined as the organization between two or more individuals or groups because of different goals, interests, expectations, or values, arising from different views. The definition of the conflict, which may include the following four elements: both sides become antagonists, the concept of value difference, interactive process and the two sides of the perceptual experience. Both sides become antagonists: Organization of hostile confrontation can constitute a conflict, such as in the class, the teacher and students become the opposition. The concept of value difference: The conflict between the two sides will have different goals, cognition, and behavior. For example, if the teacher takes an absolute totalitarian class management and requires quiet study hall for students, some students cannot control their speech, and then they speak in the class. Therefore, they are punished by the teacher. Finally, this caused to the conflict. Interactive process: If there is no opportunity to contact each, the conflicts do not occur. For example, the class is made up of teachers and students and they live in a world of school life with each other, there must be interaction process, sometimes harmonious but sometimes not. The two sides of the perceptual experience: conflict is their difference in cognition and target, arising out of opposition, so both parties can feel the existence of opposition to conflict.

Antecedents of Interpersonal Conflicts
Process of the conflict is gradual, not immediate. As we know t the conflict at the workplace, we need to consider other four issues, such as the individual differences, interpersonal issues, organizational factors, and extra organizational. Workplace stress is also a cause of the conflict. Such as the five which include lack of autonomy or sense of control, excessive work load, role ambiguity or conflict or duplication of work, poor interpersonal interactions, and harmful work environment.

Individual differences
Everybody has a different personality. Different mangers also have different ways to manage their employees. Different employees have different ways to handle their works. We have different beliefs, culture, emotional stability, maturity, education, gender, language etc. Even if we work in the same place; we have different concepts for our job. Such as, some people fawn on their boss; they hope they have a good relationship with their boss. Conversely, other people thought they...
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