Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution
Conflict is a part of everyday life for everyone. People experience conflict in their personal lives and their professional lives. There are many levels to which conflict can escalate, and often, a third party is brought in to help resolve the situation. Mediation can be helpful in conflict situations. However, any mediation requires the mediator to know how to diagnosis the conflict and the underlying issues that surrounds it. Without proper understanding of each conflict no third party could resolve it successfully. Mediators should know elements of conflict and how to diagnosis it carefully to effective. In the current media one can see the conflict that has arisen over the tragic events in Benghazi. This conflict has played out over the last several months, but at this time it is becoming a core issue for many concerned Americans. The problem with this current conflict is that over the last few months the information that has been released has been a slow trickle of changing information. According to Coltri (2010), “Any effort to resolve a conflict without dealing with its deep sources is likely to lead to a suboptimum result or a complete impasse” (p. 36). This is the very problem regarding the Benghazi conflict between politicians. The vital information of this conflict is missing, which only escalates it between the parties involved. This issue has turned into one of political maneuvering, rather than one of American safety. The problem is that each side of this conflict sees the current available information differently. One side believes that they are carefully gathering facts and information in due time, while the other believes that there is a lack of effort and release of pertinent information. This creates a problem of each side believing their perspective is based in fact, which it may not be. In the meantime, many of the American people believe their own facts and opinions then cry foul...
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