Conflict Negotiation Employee

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Joe and Tina both exhibited power-based approaches in handling the conflict. Joe used his power of authority as Tina manager and did not take her interest or let her participate in his decision making of the conflict. He threatened her with termination if she did not want to comply and do her job properly. He was not using his authority in this situation to control, manipulate or harass Tina. He had overlooked her behavior in the past, until she knowingly made an ethnic slur towards a Latino customer. She is an uncooperative employee. Tina, on the other hand, believed she was not being treated fairly because she stated to Joe that other employees had been rude to customers and did not suffer any consequences. She has created a situation of trying to appeal to Joe what is right and what is wrong through tears and manipulation. She has used the law in the context of a power approach when she threatened Joe with a discrimination law suit. Joe does not appear to be a weak manager and is not unsure about how to take appropriate action with Tina. Joe has acted with a rights-based approach with Tina. He is attempting to resolve the issue based on company policy and state, local, and federal laws of discrimination towards a customer. Tina believes she can file a discrimination grievance against Joe, but in reality the customer that she offended could file a lawsuit against the company for millions of dollars in compensation. Tina believes she has rights as an employee not to be discriminated against because she feels she is being singled out when it comes to rudeness with customers. Joe could improve this situation by using an interest based or integrative negotiation approach. Tina stated that she was having family problems, but would not go into any details. Joe could have gently persuaded her to give some information in order to determine if indeed there was an underlying cause to her rudeness and anger. He could then ask her some critical question in...
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