Conflict Management

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Question 1

Question 2

• Has a bossy manner – If a manager has a bossy personality traits it will make it difficulty to report on any office matter because of the fear of disapproval that the boss will likely bring to the conversation • Has poor listening skills – One cannot execute commands properly and as instructed when they have this kind of personality trait. It will also be difficult to rely on such an employee as he/ she wouldn’t know what to do when requested. • Is lazy – lazy employees has a tendency not to perform tasks given, they are not productive and would make the office an impossible place because another person will have to do more than what they have to do as the lazy person hasn’t done what he/she was supposed to do. • Chews gum so that everyone can see and hear it – It is unprofessional, untidy and irritating to other co-workers. People prefer to work in quiet environments as they concentrate better.


Question 1 – Conflict Resolution


A new department that created has employed two ladies Lesego and Mary. Lesego and Mary are both employed as assistant reporting to the Client Services Manager. The two ladies have to do filing as an important part of their roles and the company does not have a process implemented on how the clients’ forms should be done or a system in place which both ladies can use. This conflict began when the two ladies where employed and they don’t seem to agree on how the filing should be done as each of the ladies is using a method they prefer which is making the work impossible when clients records are not found.

The manager has to manage this conflict in a manner where the two ladies can work without any uncomfortable situation, where the team can suggest amicable ways of doing the filing in one method and be able to retrieve the clients forms when they are needed without a hassle. A meeting is then requested by the manager to find how the conflict began and come with resolutions for Lesego and Mary to work in a peaceful environment.

In the investigation the manager noticed that the ladies cannot work in a team together and that they cannot communicate well with each other. Amongst other issues that are found causing the conflict is the experience that each ladies have which it seems the one lady is more experience compared to the other which also is having an effect on the conflict as the ladies might feel insecured or jealous of each other because each of them is not willing to listen and agree on using one method because they use two different methods.

The manager has set a meeting where the team will brainstorm and puts knowledge and experience to find an adequate filing system in place electronic or manual.

Lesego and Mary realized that they can work peacefully with each other if they use a system they both created together. They don’t fight or struggle to find clients files because the system they created has given them


Question 1

1.2Bart was not prepared for the interview.
• He was not clean, and dressed inappropriate for the interview. • He didn’t maintain good eye contact with the interviewer. • He did not wait to be seated when he entered the interview room. • He arrived late for the interview exhaling smoke everywhere.

3. Bart did not have adequate knowledge of what the company was doing. • He did not make enough research about the company’s values and mission because he showed that he was not a team player • He did not take time to find out what the position required of him. • The structure and culture of the company is another of Bart did not take note of •

Question 1

1. When the new assistant prepares for the meeting, firstly is to know what kind of a meeting it is, who should be invited for the meeting and how long the meeting should be. • When she has...
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