Conflict Management

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Conflict Management

Sandra Murphy



Conflict is everywhere, in the home, schools, workplace, and place of worship. Conflict can be with lovers, friends, colleagues and our family members. At the present time we have conflicts within our government and the nation. When humans are in relationships whether business or personal conflict can and will affect you, how one manages a conflict is a skill, nevertheless there are different styles of managing conflict as there are different types of conflict.

Types of Conflicts
Constructive conflict can be very useful in improving and also changing a negative to a positive in a relationship with cooperation from the parties involved. In order to see or understand ones point of view in conflict humans must adapt their thinking and be selfless. Destructive conflict lack flexibility on ones part to be willing to see another point of view. That thought pattern could create a mole that increases into a mountain that could possibly lead to the culmination of the relationship. Willing and flexibility are the main components that could remedy this type of conflict. Pseudoconflict is caused by a lack of basic comprehension. Ones communication ability to understand what the implication of the message is conveying. One person in the relationship might feel their partner is not giving their best.

Simple conflict is the results of variances in concepts, ambitions, observations, and characterizations. What might be important to one partner, by not appear to be a big deal to the other.

Serial arguments are identified as confrontational, an eruption that have occurred more than once and is repetitive. Arguing over the same thing again, and again. Without a...
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