Conflict Management

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1) Introduction
2) Types of Conflict
3) Stages of Conflict
4) Main Reasons of Conflict
5) Types of Managerial Actions That Cause Workplace Conflicts 6) Conflict Management Techniques
7) Factors Can Affect Conflict Modes
8) Key Managerial Actions and Structures to Manage Conflicts 9) Conclusion
10) Sources

Conflict Management Introduction

Conflict is a fact of our daily lives and it is inevitable. People often think that conflict means wars and violence. But conflict exists at all levels of society in many situations. That’s why it’s hard to give a single definition of conflict. There are several definitions of conflict but the best definitions are;

a) There should be two or more people or groups, they should have different ideas, goals or interest and they interact with each other in some way.

b) It is a process which one group or person perceives that the other group or person negatively affect its interests.

It occurs in compatibility, disagreement within or between social groups or persons. In other words conflict happens when two or more people or groups have different ideas, actions, goals, values, interests or needs. We also see the conflict in both companies and organizations. It’s a common phenomenon in workplace. Managers invest time and energy into the different types and levels of conflict and their management.

There are two approaches towards conflicts, traditional approach and contemporary approach. Managers of the traditional approach tried to eliminate or avoid all conflict, however, the contemporary approach advises to managers to use the conflict in order to enhance the learning, productivity and group performances in their organizations. It’s called conflict management.

People deal with conflicts in different ways according to their gender, status, importance of the conflicts, with their different levels of abilities to communicate, if the conflict is personal or professional, etc. In any way the managers who will fail to manage different types and levels of the conflicts in their firms are destined to fail. Types of Conflicts

1) No Conflict
Every community faces conflict sometimes, in this category just a little disagreements are going on, it can be resolved easily by understanding each other properly. 2) Surface Conflict
This has shallow or no roots. It can be due to misunderstanding of goals. The key of resolving it is to improve the communication and understanding each other. People in this group should tell about their opinions easily without fear and they should be listened.

3) Latent Conflict
This is conflict below the surface. It can be dangerous. It should be brought out into the open and need to understand what is it about.

4) Open Conflict
This conflict is very visible and has strong roots. It can go on with several generations. Both the causes and effects need to be addressed.

Surface or latent conflicts are those where the disagreement can be quickly turned into conflict. Open conflict is the strongest conflict, if we compare it with other conflicts. It gives physical, social, psychological and environmental damage. It also affects people who are not in conflict.

Stages of Conflict

There are many stages of conflict and they have different roles. When differences develop into tensions there are unlikely to be any short cuts to an agreement. Once the last limit is reached there aren’t easy resolutions.

1) Pre-conflict
Differences: If there is a tolerance between groups and peoples, discussions and differences can be healthy and productive.

Tensions: At this point people in the groups starts to criticize their opponents and their views. They are seems like their enemy and groups seems more divided.

2) Confrontation
Disputes: Any sides of the groups will not admit that they have made mistakes. They become determined. Also there will be threats but not carried out. Supporters may...
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