Conflict Management

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Conflict Management Plan

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Conflict Management Plan

1. Identify the available conflict management strategies and their strengths and weaknesses.

|Strategy |Strengths |Weaknesses | | | | | |Accommodating- giving the opposing party |One party is willing to place the other |The accommodating party could hold a grudge | |what they want. |parties interests above their own. |against the other party. | | | | | |Avoiding- when a party recognizes that a |By delaying or ignoring the conflict, you |A problem can only be avoided for so long | |conflict exists and withdraws from it. |hope the problem will work itself out |before one of the parties forces a | | |without confrontation. |confrontation. | | | | | |Collaborating- when the parties’ involved |Coming up with a solution that all parties |Coming to an agreement that all parties are | |desire to satisfy the concerns of everyone|can agree on. |happy with can be very time consuming. | |involved. | | | | | | | |Compromising- no one...
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