Conflict Is Sometimes Unavoidable

Topics: Decision making, Kate Grenville, The Secret River Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: October 16, 2010
As individuals we all find ourselves in difficult situations where we disagree with something or someone, be it a complete stranger, a friend or ourselves. In these situations we are required to make a decision as to which path we will follow, we can either argue over the disagreement, take it further and hope for a resolution or we can step back from it and move on from the situation, although we would all perhaps agree that stepping back from the disagreement would be the most ideal thing to do, it is sometimes impossible to turn our backs and ignore the situation. These situations are us encountering conflict, whether we accidently stumble across it or if we go looking for it, in some situations conflict is simply unavoidable. A lack of communication and understanding, the presence of fear and our desire for certain possessions as individuals are some of the reasons why we pursue a disagreement that often leads to a deeper conflict with ourselves, another individual or a larger group. When there is limited and unsuccessful communication between two parties or two individuals there is no understanding. If we cannot understand or communicate efficiently with another group or individual then there is going to be confusion and misinterpretations, neither group or individual is going to know what the other is saying, thinking, or feeling which can easily lead to frustration. Each of us know that when our emotions are heightened, particularly frustration and anger we are more susceptible to arguing, an example of this is the lack of communication and understanding between the white settlers and the indigenous people in Kate Grenville’s book, The Secret River. The two cultures in the book obviously have very different lifestyles, they obtain different beliefs, attitudes and most importantly different languages, when the two cultures confront each other throughout the book they have no idea what the other is saying and therefore it is difficult to understand what the...
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