Conflict Identification and Resolution

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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Conflict Identification and Resolution

BUS 610: Organizational Behavior

Currently I am employed at Bank of America, they [Bank of America] established a new department called the Enterprise Estate Unit where deceased customers accounts are handled. When we the employees were notified that the Enterprise Estate Unit was being established everyone was excited because it was a chance to move into a different line of business. Bank of America associates are not allowed to “post out” or apply for different positions until they have been at their current position for at leas a year, however when associates were notified about the new department the advice given by human resources was all associates could apply with approval of their manager. With that new information associates (new hires and tenured associates) apply to be in the new department. The conflict arose when new hires were being hired to move to the new department over the tenured associates and the tenured associates did not think that was fair. After complaints were issued to the site leader about new hires being picked over the tenured associates, the site leader had to investigate why new hires were being allowed to post out to different positions. After investigation the site leader found out the information given by the human resource department was incorrect, only associates that had been with the company for a year or more were allowed to apply for the position. Recruiters that interviewed associates for the position also knew that only associates that had been with the company for a year or more could apply for different positions. Poor communication was the cause of this conflict. There was a lack of external communication, the communication between “the company’s staff and clients, suppliers, and vendors (Kondrat, 2009).” Applications were sent to a third-party recruiting company that did not know the policy of only posting to positions after being with a company for a year. Because...
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