Conflict: Father

Topics: Mother, Family, Parent Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: May 31, 2011
Parent/Child Conflict

Parent child relationship has never been easy. We can easily realize it in the texts that we have been reading. I preferred “mother” by Grace Paley and “Father” by Yasushi Inouye. The conflict in the relationship between parent and children is not very clear in those texts, but it is present. What really captured my attention was how in both texts this conflict was resolved by the death of the parents. I also liked how both authors painted the caring of a parent for his child. I think that both texts have a valuable lesson: that we should not take thing for granted. The conflict in the relationship between parent and child in “mother” is the most common one we come upon in our world today. Kids often mistake their parent’s advice for annoying scolding that is not important. In “Mother” the story starts with a girl having a flashback about her mother; which is caused by a song that she heard in the radio. “Oh I long to see My Mother in the Doorway” says the song. She had many other memories with her mother of course but she particularly remembers her mom standing in the doorway, educating her. “If you come home at 4 A.M. when you’re seventeen, what time will you come home when you’re twenty?” Of course at that time she was still young and only taught about the present and the fun part of life, and felt like her mother was being annoying with all her scolding and complaints. She barely listened to what her mother had to say, still doing whatever she felt like doing. She didn’t value the lessons her mother was trying to teach her. I also feel that because her mother was always trying to educate her she attached herself to her dad who seemed more tolerant than her mother. It shows when she evokes her father in her memory of her mother urging her to go to sleep instead of staying in front of the TV. “Go to sleep for godsakes, you damn fool, you and your communist ideas. We saw them already, Papa and me, in 1905.” The conflict in “Father” on...
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