Conflict Essay

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Conflict essay: the relationship wish
Nicole Robinson (davawna Davis)
george mason university

It is a fact that a lot of people would do anything to avoid a conflict. The truth is that no matter how we try avoiding a conflict, it still exists. It states in the book (Devito, 2010-2011,p.278) that “conflict is a part of every interpersonal relationship”, it is unheard of to have relationship without having some type of conflict, but the key to it is how it is handled. A conflict in a relationship can either make or break your relationship. If it is still a little skeptical on how this is true here is an example.

My boyfriend did not like to talk to me about what would bother him, especially when it would deal with me. That would bother me to the core, but because I wanted a perfect relationship I never brought it up in attempt to avoid any type of turmoil. So I would go and vent to his friends, see if I could find any type of information that could just give me assurance. One day he overheard my moment of vent but he only heard bits and pieces. Then he heard me say something that he did not like, took it out of context and later that night I found out what bothered him but by that type the conflict had arose. That conflict is the tester of if we could make or break our relationship.

The inevitability of conflict, the positive and negative effects, the content and/or relationship focus of a conflict,(Devito, 2010-2011) all including two others are a part of the five principles of conflict from the text which will be recognized in this journey through my way of handling my conflict.

I thought for the first time that I was going to have a “conflict free” relationship. Well, I was wrong. Having a healthy relationship means having conflicts. Which brings me to the first principle of conflict from the book: conflict is inevitable. (Devito, 2010-2011) I tried creating my perfect relationship by venting to others about my feelings. Avoid talking to “Aaron”...
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