Conflict Diagnosis

Topics: Dispute resolution, Amazon Kindle, Alternative dispute resolution Pages: 3 (1098 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Conflict Diagnosis

Conflict can be found every day in the news. Whether it be in a newspaper, on the Internet, or on the television there is evidence of conflicts over the media. The resolutions are not always clear and it depends on whether a formal form of mediation is used as to whether or not the public will hear of the resolution that came to pass from the conflict. This paper will take a look at one story found on the internet recently that talks about a conflict and how its resolution came about. The Conflict within the Article

According to an article written by Roland Jones entitled, “US says Apple, publishers conspired to fix prices,” it is alleged that Apple and five major publishers conspired to raise prices of e-books and limit retail price competition. It is thought that the publishers wished to combat’s common practice of selling many new e-books for as low as $9.99 or lower. If the publisher’s stopped competing on pricing then the prices of the e-books would raise automatically making it more profitable for the publisher’s and Apple. The Justice Department’s Antitrust Division decided that a stop should be put to what would have been a monopoly on the market. According to Jones the Justice Department says, “The conspiracy has caused e-book consumers to pay tens of millions of dollars more for e-books than they would have paid.” The conflict between the Justice Department and Apple and the publishers has made some progress out of court. Three of the publishers have come to settlement out of court while two are still in litigation with the Justice Department. At the time of the news article print on the representative for Apple had not yet made a comment. While Apple and the publishers were trying to make it easier on their pocket books for the pricing of e-books, has said that they are glad that the Justice department made a move and they look forward to possibly lowering prices for Kindle customers in the...
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