Conflict and Social Change: a Case Study of Boko Haram Insurgence in Nigeria

Topics: Nigeria, Local Government Areas of Nigeria, Boko Haram Pages: 13 (3843 words) Published: January 21, 2013
This work is dedicated to all those who have lost their lives as a result of the activities of the Boko Haram sect.  Acknowledgement
I am so grateful to the Almighty God for giving me the grace needed to present this term paper. May all honour and thanksgiving be ascribed unto They name in Jesus name. I will also fail to register my ineffable gratitude to my lecturer, Mrs Ayogu for guiding me throughout this course. My thanks also go to all my good friends who in one way or the other contributed to the success of this work. May the good Lord reward you all!  Table of Content

Table of Content---------iv
Chapter one: Introduction-------1
1.1 What is Conflict?--------1
1.2 Causes of Conflicts--------1
1.3 Social Conflict---------2
1.4 Conflict management--------2
1.5 Conflict Resolution Vs. Conflict Management----3
Chapter Two: Boko Haram Insurgence in Nigeria----4
2.1 What is Boko Haram?-------4
2.2 The Early Rise and fall of Boko Haram-----5
2.3 Timeline of Boko Haram Incidents-----7
2.4 Funding of Boko Haram and International Attention---10 Chapter Three: Effects of the Boko Haram Insurgence---11 3.1 Constant Loss of Lives and Properties-----11
3.2 Low Economic Growth-------12
3.3 Tendency of Disintegration-------13
3.4 Escalated Increase in the National Budget----13
Chapter Four: Recommendations and Conclusion----14
4.1 Dialogue---------14
4.2 Security Strengthening-------14
4.4 Conclusion---------15
 Boko Haram is a militant Islamic group which has been identified by its terrorism. The movement, whose name in the Hausa language, Boko Haram, translates as "Western education is sinful", became known internationally following sectarian violence in Nigeria in July 2009, which left over 1000 people dead. Ever since then, they have claimed responsibility of series of suicide bombings with churches, markets, police stations and government buildings as their major target. The activities of this group have proved Nigeria a very violent and volatile nation. So many lives and properties have been wasted; there has been a tremendous increase in government spending; economic activities have been greatly retarded; and of great concern is the tendency of Nigeria to disintegrate or at worst the experience of another civil war. As a result, the government should try to curb the situation by employing the tool of dialogue as well as restructuring and tightening her security system.


1.1 What is Conflict?
While no single definition of conflict exists, most definitions seem to involve the following factors: that there are at least two independent groups, the groups perceive some incompatibility between themselves, and the groups interact with each other in some way (Putnam and Poole, 1987). Two example definitions are, “process in which one party perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party" (Wall & Callister, 1995, p. 517), and “the interactive process manifested in incompatibility, disagreement, or dissonance within or between social entities” (Rahim, 1992, p. 16).

1.2 Causes of Conflicts
There are several causes of conflict. Conflict may occur when:

• A party is required to engage in an activity that is incongruent with his or her needs or interests.

• A party holds behavioural preferences, the satisfaction of which is incompatible with another person's implementation of his or her preferences.

• A party wants some mutually desirable resource that is in short supply, such that the wants of...
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