Conflict and Ma Parker

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  • Published : June 30, 2008
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The texts “Life of Ma Parker” and “Miss Brill” written by Katherine Mansfield use narrative techniques to convey ideas about the internal conflicts faced by each of the characters as well as those with the societies that they live in. Point of view and symbolism are common techniques used in both of the stories to convey the specific ideas held about the main themes and issues incorporated in to the stories by Mansfield. Some techniques such as the use of language and plot have been used in different ways in the two stories to convey different things to the reader about the story. Katherine Mansfield uses point of view in both “Life of Ma Parker” and “Miss Brill” to convey the conflicts faced by the main characters in each of the stories. In the “life of Ma Parker” the story begins in third person point of view omniscient with the perspective received of both Ma Parker and the Literary Gentleman’s but the story progresses in to a third person limited point of view to allow the reader greater insight in to the thoughts and feelings of Ma Parker. This allows the reader to gain a better understanding in to the internal conflict which Ma Parker is faced with. The use of point of view to emphasise the inner conflict faced by Ma Parker is evident on page 152 “and nobody knew – nobody cared. Even if she broke down, if at last after all these years, she were to cry, she’d find herself in the lock-up as like as not.” In this passage we see life from third person point of view with Katherine Mansfield including specific thoughts and feelings of Ma Parker in her darkest hour when she has nowhere to turn to and believes although all she wants to do is cry that she must remain strong for her family and to live up to the expectations of others in the community This idea is interpreted by the reader from the beliefs and emotions presented to them of Ma Parker which is shown through the use of point of view. In “Miss Brill” Mansfield also harnesses the use of point of view to...
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