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Analyzing Conflict: True Life | I’m Clashing with my Parents

Have you ever been in an argument and then felt extremely guilty afterwards? Or felt extremely positive about the way you acted? Or perhaps just thought there were some things that you could have handled differently? This all happens to each of us in one point of our lives. We all argue differently with each other some of us, fight in positive ways and others in negative ways. There are six types of conflict. First we have the “Pseudo conflict, which is conflict that is apparent, not real, misunderstandings between the individuals. Second, is Fact conflict, which is conflict where information one person represents is disputed by the other individual (an issue with accuracy of truth). Third, is the Value conflict that suggests morals such as right or wrong, worthwhile or worthless, desirable or undesirable, and moral and immoral interests. Next, we have the Policy conflict, which is a disagreement over a plan, course of action, or behavior (what and how to do a task). After that, we have the Ego conflict, which gives us the attitude that “I’m right and your wrong” winning is the primary goal. Last, we have the Meta conflict, which is the disagreement about how to disagree.” (Verderber 309-312) So these conflict types all can give us an example of an argument that we have had in the past. In this essay we will discuss these different conflict types in the television show: True Life: I’m clashing with my parents.

In this television show: True Life: I’m clashing with my parents there are two teens struggling with their parents rules and regulations. Jordan who is 19 and living at home with his mom and her new boyfriend is fed up with her new boyfriend’s rules. Rahul is a 16 year old that is tired of his parent’s religion getting in the way of his social life. The first conflict that comes across is one between Rahul and his mother, she asks Rahul to “Close your eyes and think about God” while he...

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