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By | April 2011
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Positive – Positive conflict will result in a positive way, it may have violent beginnings but if the outcome is peaceful and betters the human (society) position. It leads to debates, discussions and positive change. Negative – Conflict that gets out of control and becomes violent resulting in deaths and destruction of society. Riots, murders, gang wars and international wars. Resolutions – Agreement must be reached between parties, persuasion to gain agreement, third party to settle the conflict, truces and treaties, durability of the conflict if it has been resolved sufficiently. Consequences- Suffering and tragedy that causes traumatic effects, serves a catalyst to improve relations between religious, political and cultural groups, most of the freedom we enjoy today has been borne of the past conflicts and can grow and develop humanity. Types of conflict-

Intrapersonal conflict – involves conflict between 2 or more people Extra personal conflict- Concerns the ways in which conflict in the world affects us. Local- concerns issues and matters of importance close to home – in your street, neighbourhood, town, and suburb. National- concerns those conflicts which take place within our country, such as discussion and debates over welfare, education. International- is that conflict which occurs between nations, involves economic conflicts such as trades. Religious- the peace building and humanitarian efforts of religious groups have also impacted on our world significantly. Political- is conflict between political groups, debates in parliaments between the to leading parties. Economic- can also be healthy with economic competition driving positive results and bringing wealth to communities. Cultural- cultures underscores the lives and a relationship of individuals thus influences both conflict and conflict resolutions. Social- can be seen in a number of ways but largely concerns the difference levels of wealth and status among groups of people....

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