Confiscated Freedom of Presses

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Bangladeshi Journalist Couple Murder Trial: State Made Propaganda or Journalists Leaders Made? Bangladeshi journalists leaders’ submissive role retarded demand for justice of murdered journalist couple. Many a number of justice seekers of the brutal murder claim a ‘perceivable compromise’ between the journalist community leaders of Bangladesh and the home minister of the country results the situation. The justice seekers are mostly Facebook users. They are keeping the demand alive with regular page updates, sharing information, inviting more supporters and voicing all to raise the demand. An analysis finds thought provoking grounds of the slow pace of the trial of the killers of Journalist couple Sagor and Runi, who were murdered at late night on February 11, 2012 at their residence. The analysis is based on the collective approach of subduing mass media. Though the approach ultimately wane the practice of democracy, but solid approach of raising the demand is yet to be on ‘right’ scale, the justice seekers believe. In a nutshell the situation has been created with a cycle of steps which includes ‘show off’ compassion to the journalists, ‘high’ voice of holding trial of the murderers, slow ignorance of the issue, embedding media, soothing media and if not paying heed to blaming them, finding ways of wiping out the ‘meat’ of the story, showing optimism, creating entertainment and finally making public bewildered. The steps have also been propped up by a another series of steps that includes bullying the reporter, creating fear, making the media lose public faith and estimating and proving reporters a totally interest group. The steps have forced justice seekers and public dumb. Briefly the above mentioned subduing package has been executed one by one. Following the murder of the celebrated journalist couple, the home minister of the country declared to grill the killers within 48 hours, the Prime...
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