Confirming Alzehimer's Disease

Topics: Alzheimer's disease, Dementia, Major depressive disorder Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: November 16, 2012
Running head: Confirming Alzheimer’s Disease

Confirming Alzheimer’s Disease
Carissa Davis
Walden University

Diagnosis and Assessments

Confirming Alzheimer’s Disease
The Forgetful Mail Carrier
Han’s is a 66 year old retired government worker that has been dealing with issues related to his memory. Han’s retired at the age of 60 because he could no longer perform his duties at work properly. The problems with his work performance had been an issue for five years before his retirement. At the age of 62, he could not remember the way home while leading a hike in an area he was familiar with and knew well. Over time his memory problems have become more noticeable and he even has failed to recognize good friends. He has become more and more quiet, given up his hobbies and lost interest in the newspaper and television. His wife is not comfortable leaving him alone because of his memory issues (Butcher, Mineka, & Hooley, 2010). Confirm Diagnosis

Dementia of the Alzheimer Type is a diagnosis of exclusion, other causes for the cognitive deficits must be ruled out first (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). This diagnosis is normally given after all other potential causes are ruled out by medical and family history, along with a physical examination including laboratory test in some cases (Butcher, Mineka, & Hooley). Han’s has no sign of a medical condition that would be a factor in his memory failure. Han’s symptoms do not fit diagnostic criteria (C) for vascular dementia or other dementias due to other general medical conditions (APA). After the other possible diagnoses are ruled out then I must insure that Han meets the criteria for dementia of the Alzheimer type. Hans’ memory failures meet the criteria for A1. His inability to find his way home in an area that he has lived for 40 years meets the criteria for 2(d). The next criteria for this diagnoses requires that the cognitive deficits in A1 and A2 cause...
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