Confidentiality: Teacher and Social Services Intervention

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Homework 3.5 Describe the principles and boundaries of confidentiality

Any professional working with children must be prepared for the possibility of coming across children that are at risk of being abused. If you have suspicions that a child is suffering - as a professional you must be extremely careful how and with whom you share this information. As a teacher or teaching assistant you must adhere to the rules and regulations of confidentiality. All information held by the school about its pupils must stay on school premises and between staff members only.?ome informationsuch as information of a sensitive nature will be on a need j:P"know basis only - even among staff members- but making sure anyone who comes into contact with the child knows everything they need to: like informing lunchtime staff of any food allergies, and informing teaching assistants about any allergies or health conditions they may have to watch out fOI/Information about a child you suspect is suffering is extremely sensitive - but these suspicions must be shared with the right people- the class teacher and the designated senior person-usually the head teacher/here is a correct place and time to share such information. If I had suspicions about a child I thought was suffering first off I would tell the class tejJCher, I would ask her if she had noticed any of the signs that I had.Jandto monitor the child for any further signs of suffering. Next the head teacher needs to be informed, she would then- where appropriate inform the parents and seek agreement for social services intervention. Sometimes the parents may not be informed before professional intervention is sought, such circumstances include:putting the child in question at an increased risk of harm, staff




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