Confidential Psychological Report

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San Beda College
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychology

Psychological Testing 02
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 12:30pm-1:30pm (34N)

A Confidential Psychological
Case Report
Michael Anthony C. Valdez


In fulfilment of the
requirements in the course of

Submitted by:
Mark Anthony F. Tan
3rd yr IRR-APS

Submitted to:
Prof. Annabel Quilon

I- Pre-intake Interview

A. Personal Data

Name: Michael Anthony C. Valdez

Address: Crisolita St. - San Andres Bukid, Metro Manila

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Birth date: January 28, 1990

Birth place: Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center, Malate Manila

Social Status: Single

Occupation: Peer Health Educator at Department of Health (DOH), Sta. Cruz, Manila

Religion: Roman Catholic

Nationality: Filipino

B. Brief Statement of the Problem (reason for referral)

Mr. Michael Anthony C. Valdez, a 21 yrs, Peer Health Educator at Department of Health voluntarily participated and agreed to take part as a client to include the confidential case report and the test results in his credentials and also to serve as Psychology Trainee’s final requirement in his course. The client was instructed to take a battery of psychological projective personality tests that examine and evaluate his personality which will then make a critical analysis of his psychological case report as well as provide basis for treatment of his problem. The client, Mr. Valdez will also be involved in a comprehensive and detailed interview about his background information and personal history.

II- Intake Interview

Case History

A. Family History

On March 19, 2005, 15 yrs old Michael Anthony Valdez ran and rushed to his dying father’s side. Lying down on his death bed, He held his hand and told him something he wanted and waited to say all his life. He asked his father one final request- A father’s approval and acceptance as his Gay son. His final words were 8 letters, 3 syllables and a chance for his son to live a new life. Thonie or Mick-Mick was born Michael Anthony Cisneros Valdez on January 28, 1990, the eldest son and the second of Cesar and Fe Valdez. He never knew his mother and had no past memories of her but was often the topic of father’s stories and tall tales. Thonie is one of Cesar’s 5 children- The first and the eldest daughter, Lucille, Macky, Kevin and Sophia. The client, Mr. Valdez grew up and was raised by his father’s side of family relatives, while his other siblings went to the province to live with the mother’s side of extended family. Because of increasing financial problems and failing grades in his subjects, he chose to put his education to halt. Nevertheless, he was loved and was treated as a real son by his adopted and extended family.

1. Parents

According to the gathered data and information from the pre-intake and intake interview, His father and mother met as co-workers working as budget employees at Manila city hall. Sometime during the client, Mr. Valdez’s birth, his father had a big fight with his mother that ended up leaving them for another family. Unknown to her husband, the wife has been living and sleeping with another man that drove the family apart. It took a long time for them to recover and move on from what happened nevertheless his father found a way to take care and raise 5 children by playing the role of a mother and a father. The client, Mr. Valdez’s upbringing which is marked by an absence of central and core parent figures which constitute the lack of love and attention may be one of the major factors that influence his depressive and suicidal tendencies.

2. Siblings

The client, Michael Anthony is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs Valdez and the second of five siblings: The first and the eldest daughter-Lucille, younger brother-Macky, Kevin and 11 years old half sister, Sophia which he never met. Based on our intake interview, the...
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