Confession of a Shopaholic

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Confession of a Shopaholic

By | Feb. 2013
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Krysten Ritter as Rebecca Bloom wood is a charming girl sweet and nice New

York City girl who have a tiny little problem that turned into a big problem because of

her addiction to shop and drowning in a sea of dep’t the temptation of her being

shopaholic. While Rebecca has a dream to work to company in fashion magazines.

Until she found a job as an advice columnist for a new financial magazine published by

the same company. When the days past her columns become a hugely popular in their

town that turned into a celebrity. But when her compulsive shopping and growing

debt issue that destroy her carrier , job and love life. She struggles to keep it all from a

spiralling out of control and ultimately forced to revaluate what’s really important in

life. When she realize all the wrong things that she do. She pre-sale all her things like

shoes , dresses , clothes , bag and the very important thing that she buy the scarf.


As I understand this movie when she was a child when she look in the windows

she saw another world I think a perfect dreamy world that have a lot of beautiful

things that every girls got what they wanted to get like jacket , diesel , dress , emic ,

belts , master card , shoes and many more. When she went to a store she saw a green

scarf she buy it even she a lot of payments to pay. Rebecca and her best friend talk

about her payments what she would going to do. When she’s on her way she saw a

mannequin with a green scarf she told to herself that she have a bill so she don’t need

a scarf but when the mannequin talk to her that she need that scarf to keep her neck



All I can say to this movie is this movie is so beautiful when you watch it. When

She was a child her dream is to get all things what she wanted to get. She start

Shopping when she was...

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