Conference Management System Deliverable2

Topics: Unified Modeling Language, User, Password Pages: 4 (461 words) Published: April 13, 2012
Conference Management System
Deliverable 2

Vriti Jain
Anuja Gupta
Ishita Shah
Tejas Nagdulikar
Nikhil Bhownani
Prateek Vadhera

1. Class Diagram
2. Sequence Diagrams
2.1. Create Conference
2.2. Uploading Paper
2.3. Login
2.4. Change Password
2.5. Forgot Password
2.6. Sign-up
2.7. Search
2.8. Withdraw
2.9. Display Dates
3. Activity Diagrams
4. CRC Cards
5. State Diagrams
5.1 System
5.2 Reviewer
5.3 Admin
5.4 Author

1. Class Diagrams

2. Sequence Diagrams
2.1 Create Conference

3.2 Uploading Paper

3.3 Login

3.4 Change Password

3.5 Forgot Password

3.6 Sign-up

3.7 Search

3.8 Withdraw

3.9 Display Important Dates

3. Activity Diagram

4. CRC Cards

Verifies the data entered by the user from the database.Looks for the keywords in the databases and displays the output.It automatically notifies the corresponding author when any reviewer comments .It nofies the reviewer when any new paper is uploaded .It computes the Days left for submission and outputs it to ‘Display_Imp_Dates’| FileOfInfoFileOfConfInfo|

info |
Retrieves the Name, Email ID, password, the area of interest, and the phone number of the user.Sets values to the Name, Email ID, password, the area of interest, and the phone number of the user.| |

Adds the information to the database.Retrieves data from the database.Deletes an entry from the database.Edits an entry into the database.| Info|

The Author can upload a paper.Can make payments.Can become a member of any conference Can withdraw his paper.Can request for a new password or change an existing one.Can make changes to his paper | FileOfInfo.InfoPayment.Paper|

Checks if the User ID and password match. If they do, access is...
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