Conference Management

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This project aims to create a common platform for organizing activities of conference. The conference management system will manage the abstracts and research papers submitted by scholars, reviewing them, and accepting or rejecting them. This will greatly reduce the costs and efforts of the conference managers and authors where they can directly interact through internet.

Currently there is a need for such a conference management system, where research conferences relating to different fields can be managed by single application. This application can host any number of conferences and large number of paper can be submitted.

The environment created would enhance the usability of conference’s thereby facilitating the researcher’s to submit their papers easily and making organizers to manage the research’s by forwarding it to the jury and taking their reviews.

This would reduce a lot of effort. It would also eliminate the need to have expertise on employing people for managing all such activities. It would smooth the progress of conference management and all the activities will take place in well-defined manner.

Table of Contents
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Dissertation Approval Sheet II
Candidate DeclarationIII
Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Overview and issues involved01
1.2 Problem definition 01
1.3Problem Solution 01
Chapter-2 Literature Survey
2.1 Methodology 03
2.2 Technologies and tools 04
Chapter-3 Requirements gathering
3.1 Software requirements 08
3.2 Hardware requirements 98
3.3 Use case model 10
Chapter-4 Analysis
4.1 Sequence diagrams 18
4.2 Activity diagrams 22
Chapter-5 Design
5.1 Technology selection 25
5.2 Database design 28
5.3 Implementation details
Chapter-6 Testing
6.1Test case and design30
6.2Testing methods and strategies31
Conclusion 37


This conference management tool aims at improving the conference management practices and reduces the burden on the part of organizers, and provides the technical solution for the research paper submission and reviews.

1.1 Overview and Issues Involved
There are large numbers of conferences being taking place at different locations all over the world, we have seen researchers and eminent educationist submit their research papers at these conferences, they generally have to send the research paper through post and it takes a lot of time. This project is focused towards developing a management system that will cater to the needs of the conference organizers.

1.2 Problem Definition
In the present scenario, the conference organizers face a lot of problems in coordinating various activities that are associated with conference. This increases a lot of effort and needs a lot of expertise and large numbers of people are required to manage all the process. This definitely is not an easy task. There is a lot of trouble involved in submitting a research paper to a conference and then sending it to a jury, for review and their comments. To speed up this process of conference management was our main focus in this project.

1.3 Problem Solution
This project will be a fine demonstration of efficient use of technology and engineering in the web- application development field. This will cut down the organizing and maintenance cost of conference’s and will also reduce the efforts of author to send their research papers through post. This is done through creation of a conference management application that would assist the organizers to run their conference effectively. Our software product ‘conference management system’ is designed and developed to provide the rigid solution for the handling of conferences. We have designed an interface that will provide the platform for...
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