Confederation of 1867

Topics: Canada, United States, New Brunswick Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: June 12, 2011
Union is power. Work in unity is better than working individually. That is why the British North Americans thought of confederation. An individual or single power will most likely have a hard time fighting against a group of people with lots of power. The colonies wanted to join together so that they could fight against the United States. If the groups of colonies didn’t join together, they wouldn’t have the power to prevent the United States from controlling all of North America. There is also other reasons for why the Confederation of 1867 happened, like the ending of BNA’s trade relations with Britian and the U.S., the Fenian Raids, Political deadlock, and the impact of “Manufast Destiny” as the main cause of Confederation. With the threats of the Americans, that they were trying to invade the colonies a few times caused a big problem for Canada. The Americans could have easily invaded Canada at that time. “Manifest Destiny” is the belief that the Americans have, they thought that they could control all of North America, as the United States of America Secretary of State, William Seward said, “I know that God intends that this whole continent shall be, sooner or later, within the magic circle of the United States.”(Doc 1.) The political deadlock was part of the reason why confederation happened. The government from both Canada East and Canada West couldn’t pass any of the laws, because they needed “double majority”. The problem that the French and the English had, were that they were not agreeing on everything. So nothing got achieved. As the Politician of Canada East said: “ We have five colonies and in order to become a great nation they need only to be brought together under one central Government. The matter comes down to this, either we form a British American Confederation or we will be absorbed into the United States of America.” (Doc 7) The other group called the Fenian Raids were attacking the colonies with the reason of potato famine. They thought...
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