Confederacy of Dunces

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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In the book “Confederacy of Dunces,” the storyline took place in New Orleans, Louisiana. The main character, Ignatius was a man who everyone knew. He always wore a green cap, and comfortable clothes and he carried himself as a man who should be the most important man in town. As for the other people in town, many believed that he was trouble and full of himself. People also considered him immature and stuck on himself because he still lived at home and never had a real job. He was considered as a man who made many excuses, manipulated people, and had trouble dealing with reality.

At the beginning of the story, it is relevant that Ignatius is self absorbed, thinks of him only, and never cares about anyone else. For example, “Ignatius was waiting outside of a store when a policeman, Angelo Mancuso suspects that he maybe a pervert and tries to take him in. When Ignatius catches on to this outburst he tries to hit the policeman with his newly purchased items and soon a crowd appears. Quickly after his mother, Mrs. Reilly realizes what is happening, Ignatius blames Mr. Robichaux saying that he is the one who is causing the trouble. Mr. Robichaux was taken off to jail.” Also at the bar, Mrs. Reilly was hungry and wanted to leave and he gave no interest because he was talking to Darlene, but when he is hungry he expects Mrs. Reilly to stop and buy him a hot dog. It is shown that at the beginning he does not appreciate Mrs. Reilly, and she lets him treat her poorly. She shows disappointment towards Ignatius because she watched him get a good education and then do nothing with it. She wanted him to have a nice stable job in society, and bring in good income. However, Ignatius sees it differently because he feels that by making good income, shows how offensive society is. Another primary explanation as to why Ignatius acts the way he does is because of his depression issues. There have been a number of things that have corrupted his childhood, which has led him with no...
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