Conducting E-Commerce

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Conducting E-Commerce

In this case study we will be determining the principles of e-commerce. The Raffles Hotel is a luxury hotel that depends on the success of its group’s ability to attract customers and to contain its cost. Raffles Hotel has used their ability in attracting customers with their e-marketplace. They have used there website that introduces customers to there facilities and services. By giving the customer the ability to find anything they need to know about the hotel at their fingertips. The website allows the customer to reserve a room for a specific stay, gives you links for travel resources, and an online store for hotel products. The hotel uses their resources to reach out to the customer by using architecture with logical and consistent navigational tiers. Each tier represents an order of authority that allows the user to navigate smoothly throughout the website. They have also integrated an online reservation system provides bookers with instant online booking. With another click of the mouse the cooperate market also becomes a user friendly tool to book there online negotiated online rates. Another great aspect to the company’s website is that it improved its site to have multiple languages for fast growing Internet booking. I would suggest that Raffles hotel update their website with access an online representative that can be accessed through their website. By upgrading to this system just think of the relief the customers would have knowing they can actually chat with a representative on the main home page without having the hassle of locating the phone number and using automated system. Another thing that I would suggest after looking throughout the website would be to have a virtual tour of the rooms that you are booking. I think the best key is to see your room before you book it. A virtual tour can really make your website come to life and make the consumer feel more at ease. “When developing a website, the...
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