Conducting Personal Business on Company Time

Topics: Working time, Employment, Business hours Pages: 7 (2339 words) Published: May 9, 2013

Conducting personal Business on Company Time

Rennie Ramsarran

Business 323

Professor Christine M. Seymour

26 March, 2013

With increasingly demanding jobs and workloads increasing in quantity, add to that a limited time in employees’ schedules, a lot of personal business and personal errands are now being run from the comfort of the office during company time. This is an observation that has been made by both employer and worker and has been embraced to some extent, though other employers have decided to punish the culprits perpetrating the development. In this exposition, the causes and in general, the above topic as a whole will be expounded.

The workplace has become so hectic these days that workers find it hard to lift their fingers off their work stations and work areas. It has become so demanding to the extent of workers taking some unfinished assignments home in the evening after a long day’s work. Though it started as some isolated case, it is now commonplace to find employees carrying huge diaries and paperwork back home to complete the task away from the office. In her article Paul (1998) gives the example of Arlene Price, a Systems Analyst by profession. The individual attests to the above fact by saying that in her view the difference between work tine and her own time has become blurred to the extent that she can freely walk out of the office and majestically stride towards the massage parlour on a Monday afternoon or participate in a morning lingerie sale. These sentiments try to explain why these days, giving oneself some time off during the working hours has become commonplace.

There are some circumstances that make conducting personal business during working time inevitable. Take for instance a call has been received and an emergency situation demands your immediate attention. It will be prudent for one to take an hour or two off from work and attend to the emergency. After accomplishing the task, they should rush back to the workplace.

Must (2010) suggests that in such a circumstances, it is better for the worker to take a few hours off and take care of the urgency than take a whole day off for the same course. He continues by saying that it is better for an employee to accumulate all the errands, if not that urgent, and take a whole day off and attend to them. He gives a more preferable alternative of handling all the personal commitments during the rostered days off. Although he gives a way of avoiding clashing with ones superiors in the workplace, his method will not apply in cases where a personal task should be handle during work time, like attending your child’s school function on a weekday. Unfortunately, this cannot wait for the moment an individual will be free.

As part of work ethics that an employee ought to observe, attending to the company needs for the whole time is the most stressed followed by showing up at the work place at the agreed time. A dilemma arises when the person has to attend to the emergencies and some urgent commitments. Do they wait till they are released or do they sneak out first to finish their personal engagements? Stillman says that “It is harder to be psychologically present when you are distracted by the demands of person life”. The statement explains that in as much as the boss will not be willing to release the junior to tackle personal matters during business hours, He will succeed in keeping the guy in the office, but the person will only be physically present. Psychologically, they will be out of the office and will be distracted by their thoughts, which have diverted to the personal matter. The manager will like to hold the employee but in doing so the manager will observe a substantial reduction in productivity due to the employee’s lack of concentration and personal distractions. The boss will be indifferent between holding the worker to...
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