“Condredge Holloway”

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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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“Condredge Holloway’s impact on SEC football”

Condredge Holloways is from a small town in Huntsville, Alabama where he was born and raised by Dorothy Holloway and Condredge Holloway Sr. He also attended Lee high school in Huntsville, where he was the star athlete. He was the starting point guard in basketball, the starting short stop in baseball, and the star Quarterback in football. He received full ride scholarship in all three sports. His mother was hired to work at Marshall Space Flight Center, where she became the first African American employee at NASA the sky was the limit for Condredge Holloway, but his impact on the SEC (South Eastern Conference) and college football at that. Holloway, now at age 56, is maintaining a number of his football staff duties but now serves as the department's liaison with the Lettermen's Club, assisting with reunions and other projects. Public appearances on behalf of the department, always a strong suit for the popular Holloway, continue to be a major part of his job description. Holloway also is the point person for numerous issues surrounding the conduct of a major college football program. He oversees disability insurance for the student-athletes and assists with the annual Pro Day inside the Neyland-Thompson Sports Center. And Holloway has taken great pride in helping former Vols find their niche in the business world by assisting them with contacts and opportunities after graduation. Holloway was the nation’s top Quarterback recruit, but wasn’t recruited by his home state, Alabama. During this time period there was discrimination in Alabama, and Bear Bryant was the head football coach. Once Bear Bryant said “an African American will never play for my team” even though Holloway was the top ranked Quarterback. Football is the sport that Holloway was known for, but in Baseball he could have went to the MLB (Major League of Baseball). He was the Montreal Expos’ first pick, and was the fourth overall pick of the draft,...
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