Condom Essay

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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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When would be the right time to advertise condoms and better yet, what channels do these advertisements need to be on? Have you ever been sitting down with your family, including your kids watching a movie on television, while eating dinner and a commercial for condoms comes on, and you end up having to turn the channel to distract the kids? Pleasure seems to override safety which can be misleading. Condom advertisements are becoming very prominent on television, in magazines, and even on the radio.

How does it make you feel when you see a condom advertisement on a children’s television channel? Some may say that it is completely inappropriate to show on Cartoon Network or ABC Family because these are family oriented channels specified for families with children. There is a time and a place for these advertisements on television, such as Spike, USA, TNT, TBS, NBC, and many more that would be a little more appropriate for condom commercials. Not all families have the same morals when it comes to sex education, sexual innuendos and marketing. There are families in today’s society that would prefer their children not to see and learn about sex education while eating a bowl of Cheerios and watching their morning cartoons. There are families out there though that would much rather their children to be safe and use protection; but at the same time they want it to be at a more appropriate time, and age. No not everyone is going to approve of everyone else’s choices when it comes to educating their kids about sex; but at the same time parents have to think about the choices they made as kids, and if they want their kids to turn out like them or if they want better for their kids. Parents now days would rather have the “sex talk” with their kids when they feel that it is the appropriate time. They do not feel that the school should teach their kids about sex because the school goes into more details which are not approached in the correct manner. There are...
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