Conditions of the Vietnam War

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Vietnam War Conditions
When fighting in a war, the brave soldiers are not only up against their enemy, but also against the chaotic obstacles born on the battlefield. The constant noise of slaughter, the gut-wrenching weather and the omnipresent fear of death were all elements of war that the soldiers had to coexist with. The odds of walking home after a war are extremely rare and those who were lucky enough to survive were unlucky enough to have had witnessed indescribable scenes of blood and murder. Those who have confronted the wrath of war are left psychologically traumatised and mentally unstable. The fighting conditions during the Vietnam War were excruciatingly tough. The Australian and American troops were forced to fight in a variety of weathers, including the tropical rains and blazing heat. Fighting in environments and conditions they were not yet accustomed to, they were drained of their energy and were demanded high levels of endurance. For some soldiers, the dry season was particularly difficult to fight in. they were required to fight through a haze of dust that penetrated their clothing, filled their pores and worked its way through their eyes and ears, resulting in conjunctivitis and ear infections. One soldier stated, “It can be a test of human endeavour inside a noisy metal box all day in forty degree heat, with eighty per cent relative humidity and no one has showered for a week.” Soldiers fought with damages to their bodies such as blisters, sunburn and dehydration, making it very difficult to move around and fight to the best of their ability. Other difficulties they faced were the threat of diseases such as malaria and dysentery which is caused by lack of sanitation and dehydration. Spiders, poisonous centipedes, snakes and leeches were some of the deadly creatures the soldiers tried their hardest to avoid. Proper food and clean water was very difficult to obtain as well. Soldiers ate from used cans and drank from dirt covered drink...
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