Conditions for Learning in the Ell Classroom

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Conditions For Learning in the ELL Classroom

One thing the classroom teacher has complete control over is the environment in the classroom. In order for students to have ultimate success in learning, the teacher is solely responsible for building the stepping stones for optimum conditions for the students to excel in. By building a well-developed learning environment, effective and appropriate classroom materials, and maintaining a manageable classroom routine, the student’s only responsibility is to learn in the most effective way. The classroom teacher is essentially creating this condition for learning. After reading “Conditions For Learning”, I thought to myself, ”How can use this information to create an environment for learning in my classroom?” Both Cambourne and Holdaway describe in both social interaction situations as well as those isolated to create the learning platform. Each view is similar yet different, but both have the same goal: what are the ultimate conditions for learning and how do we as professional educators attain and effectively use them in our classrooms? I can identify with both, but I feel a combination of the two literary learning styles best meets the needs of the students I currently work with. This is not to say one learning style is more effective than the other, however, the way in which I use their ideas will determine the outcome and expectations I set for my students. As a first-year high school ESE Inclusion teacher, I borrow a lot of ideas, materials, and approaches to teaching I feel my students will benefit from. Many of those strategies I have seen work in other classrooms. Something I see in other classrooms is students sharing with other students. Whether the sharing is in small group or in whole group, the social interactions are being used in an educational and effective learning model. I believe that the way the learning environment is created and nurtured by teachers and students alike is an...
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